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Compliance and Integrity Services

How Forensic Expertise Mitigates Risk

Creating a Culture of Compliance 

It starts at the top.  Smart organizations are building value with virtue in compliance. When it comes to being financially compliant in the global economy, our goal is to keep you connected while reducing risks for you and your clients. To minimize these risks, an effective compliance program is a key to identifying internal weaknesses and external threats to your business. Do you know the red flags? 


We're dedicated to helping you take proactive steps toward preventing internal fraud and misconduct by establishing systems and processes for internal controls and build frameworks for employees to report misconduct.


Our expertise is recognized globally for ethics training and coaching on how to identify fraud trends and schemes. We help create the controls you need to identify and manage your risks. And we help navigate the entire regulatory compliance lifecycle – beginning to end – utilizing our unique deep expertise in government practices.


We understand that financial sustainability can depend on robust compliance programs, and we've been trusted to build them for our clients who vary from Fortune 500 companies to mid-size, non-profits, private, and government entities to positively impact bottom lines.


Key Compliance Services​

  • Compliance Program Strategies

  • Risk Assessment

  • Regulatory Inquiries

  • Compliance Training

  • Investigation Readiness

  • Sanction(s) mitigation

  • Third Party Integrity Due Diligence

Integrated Approach​ to Integrity Risk

When things go wrong, some organizations manage integrity risk reactively and in isolation. But that approach results in gaps in integrity risk management programs. So we link our expertise with yours in a collaborative process aimed at making you stronger.


We implement the standard ADDIE model to break down your challenge into manageable strategies:


1. Assess

We assess the state of your company's risk management program and focus on risk areas following examining controls, systems and data. 


2. Design

We'll design the necessary steps you need to take to overcome your situation - whether it's a criminal case or a regulatory infraction. And if you're simply planning for the future to avoid such hazards, we're ready for that too. 


3. Develop

Once we get the go-ahead on the design, we'll develop the steps / material / training / whatever-it-is that's needed - and present it in a structured, professional product. 


4. Implement

 We'll deliver the product(s), whether that's dedicated training, written standard operating procedures, handbooks, protocols, regulations - whatever it is to get your message out. 


5. Evaluate

Once we deliver, it's time for us to measure the impact, fine-tune the results, and make sure your situation is resolved.


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