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Forensic Accounting

Predict. Respond. Emerge Resilient.

When risk becomes reality, we help protect value. The marketplace is demanding that the business community - including auditors - step up its game in finding fraud. If they don’t, customer confidence can be shaken in a moment in our highly connected world – a world of escalating white-collar crime.  


At Integritas³, we understand how corruption, scandal or a security breach can threaten your company's integrity, and how your reputation is on the line when things go wrong. Business value is at stake. When unplanned events strike, we help you react, navigate and emerge stronger from crises with enhanced abilities to predict and protect against future risk.


Rapid response.

With second-to-none expertise in forensic accounting, we bring deep expertise to dig into books and records to uncover fraud, misappropriation, and incompetence. Based on our experience in criminal tax investigations and civil audits, we are experienced in tracing transactions, and unraveling highly complex financial trails. 


Our skills go beyond traditional paper-based books and records skillsets. We also examine computers and electronic devices to expose fraud. If embezzlement, mishandling, collusion or conspiracy are a concern or accusation, we combine accounting, investigative, financial and technological expertise to help clients detect and respond – whether it's management, employees, or third parties. Our goal is to help you thrive, even when the unexpected happens. 

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