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Analyst Team

We're growing everyday!

Meet our newest analyst team members.

Lauryn Song

Lauryn Song Integritas3 Data Analyst, headshot

Data Analyst

Lauryn Song is a recent magna cum laude graduate from Pepperdine University where she studied International Business. She was given the opportunity to study at the prestigious Fudan University in Shanghai through Pepperdine’s study abroad program during her sophomore year, and it was during this year abroad that Lauryn discovered her interest in international affairs. Lauryn has studied both Mandarin and Japanese while at Pepperdine and hopes to expand her fluency in the future.


Through her role as a data analyst for Integritas³, Lauryn interacts with international clients and assists with the research and investigations of financial crimes. Lauryn conducts forensic audits of individual and corporate financial data for various tax and compliance issues. She also creates material presented by the Integritas³ team at premier international events to aid in informing and onboarding new clients. Lauryn has worked on cases requiring the performance of optical character recognition and indexing of large bank data, and most recently has worked on a large case with over 16,000 transactions in one account.

Sarah Hall, Forensic Accounting Analyst, Integritas3

Sarah Hall

Forensic Accounting Analyst

Sarah Hall is a member of the forensic analyst team at Integritas³ supporting investigations. She reviews and organizes financial documents to identify inaccuracies, analyzes data, traces discrepancies, provides litigation support and presents findings to be used as trial evidence. Her curiosity and intuition are foundational to casework for individual, non-profit and corporate cases where she has packaged financial facts that trace back criminal activity. Sarah has studied international business, accounting, marketing, and administration at the University of Minnesota where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2022 in Business Marketing. She also brings energy and initiative to her work from the soccer field as a former NCAA college soccer player. 

Prior to joining Integritas³,  Sarah had a desire to serve the public during the pandemic and has worked on the front lines of Covid-19 with both the Seattle City Fire Department and University of Washington Medicine. 

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