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Integritas³ Welcomes New CFO Wilfred Castro

Wilfred Castro Integritas3 Chief Financial Officer

We are excited to announce that Wilfred Castro, former IRS-Criminal Investigation Supervisory Agent and more recently, Senior Fraud Detection investigator for City National Bank of the nation’s largest banks, joins Integritas3 as Chief Financial Officer.

“Wilfred brings world-class banking experience that enables Integritas3 to provide even more superior services to better serve our clients, says Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Hines. “Our work history overlapped in federal law enforcement with the U.S. Treasury Department, where Wilfred’s integrity, performance and skillsets are highly respected. We’re absolutely thrilled that he is joining our team.”

“In public service, we saw Wilfred’s work ethic in action managing as many as 100 cases at one time as an IRS-CI Supervisory Special Agent,” says Chief Operations Officer Victor Song. “His cases ranged from tax fraud – to investment, bank, mortgage, cyber fraud and anti-terrorist financing, domestic and international money laundering, narcotics, white collar related money laundering and much more. He is simply – one of the best!”

Wilfred capitalized on his law enforcement experience when he joined the banking industry, excelling in his role as Senior Fraud Detection Investigator at City National Bank, the largest bank headquartered in Los Angeles, and subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada. His work involved extensive forensic accounting from all aspects of the bank’s line of products. Wilfred worked with several of the bank's departments, including the Legal Department and the Bank Secrecy Act Groups to mitigate the risk posed by specific client’s fraudulent activity. In addition, he investigated cases ranging from political corruption – to insider trading, Ponzi schemes, embezzlement and more.

“The team at Integritas3 is well known across the financial services industry as a highly respected, elite team of practitioners” says Wilfred. “I am excited and honored to join them; and look forward to driving great results together.”

Media Contact:

Charlotte Starck


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