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The First Asian American Pacific Islander to Ever Lead a Federal Law Enforcement Agency?

Our Chief Operations Officer Victor Song, Former Chief IRS-Criminal Investigations

This month’s theme for Asian American Pacific Islander Month, “Unite Our Voices by Speaking Together” is a theme that former Chief of IRS-CI Victor Song celebrates. Victor is one of the most notable leaders to rise in his federal public service from the AAPI community –– which is made of culturally diverse people representing populations from many islands and countries. They come together this month to encourage unity across America.

Victor worked for the Department of Treasury for 30+ years, rising as an agent in his home state of Hawaii to the number one position in IRS-CI to lead several thousand agents assigned around the nation and the world. His success within a federal law enforcement agency was unusual since no other person of Asian or Pacific Islander descent had ever led IRS-CI nor any of the other 30 federal law enforcement departments. “I remember when they announced that I was named Chief of IRS-CI. I felt a tremendous honor, as well as a great responsibility to demonstrate inclusive leadership that embraces diversity at its core. Different perspectives, life experiences and ethnic heritage truly make ‘culture-adds’ into an organization, versus looking for a ‘culture fit’. One of the great privileges in my leadership role was helping to grow and nurture others into equal opportunities. I was proud to recognize women and other people of color judged on their knowledge, skills, and abilities.”

As chief, Victor Song worked with nations around the world to fight criminal enterprises, corruption, and tax fraud. And now, following his leadership role as the EVP Compliance at Samsung Electronics America, Victor says, "I am proud to have co-founded a forensic accounting and tax consulting company, Integritas³ so that I can continue to work in my passion nationally and globally." As part of the AAPI community, Victor says he passionately believes in this year's theme that celebrates a common belief: when we bring our individual strengths together, we can magnify our nation's effectiveness to better solve the unprecedented and historic challenges of our time.


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